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Proven Expertise

Mobile Kitchens offers the ability to deliver quickly and effectively. Our modern fleet of mobile kitchen trailers, luxury restroom and shower trailers, and other response and recovery assets provide an expanded capability to feed and shelter thousands of emergency responders and displaced residents each day.

Consultation Services

Mobile Kitchens serves across the country and across a spectrum of excellence, with regional offices and personnel supporting sales and operations. No event is too large, too complex, or too far away.  Our team has an earned reputation for accuracy, efficiency, and consistency. Our tenting services encompass management, planning, custom design & branding, and logistical support.

A Succesful Partner

Professionals rely on capable and dependable partners and appreciate vendors who know how to bring all the details together under deadline, regardless of the challenges. So flawless, on-time execution is paramount, followed closely by the need to make a great impression, each and every time.

One Stop Solution

The One-Stop Solution for Contracting & Capabilities:

Mobile Kitchens goes beyond offering commercial mobile kitchen solutions. We are here to assist and guide you through contracting, Equipment Services & Culinary, Mobile Kitchens, Emergency Management Solutions, operations, and all the details needed to make your project successful through.

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Mobile Kitchens doesn't work alone. We are a one-stop solution, leveraging our many partners, in order to offer a highly integrated solution. We are here to guide you through contracting, equipment services & culinary, mobile kitchens, emergency management solutions, deployments operations, and all the details needed to make your project a success.

Case Study: Hospital Remodel

What client challenges were you trying to solve?
This client had a limited amount of space to work with but their foodservice volume required many different pieces of equipment. Mobile Kitchens team completed multiple site visits with the client and City officials to determine the best layout that allowed for favorable access for the client, additional vendors for deliveries and kept the site in acceptable standards for City codes.

What feature of our services/product was most important?
The fact that Mobile Kitchens is a one stop shop was one of the most important factors. Mobile Kitchens provided a mobile kitchen, mobile dishwasher, walk-in cooler that could be lifted and put on the back dock for easy access for the client, and tenting structures to create a walkway and keep food under cover at all times which is a healthy and safety requirement. 

How has our solution helped since its implementation?
The client was able to successfully complete their commercial kitchen renovation with minimal delay. Mobile Kitchens was able to resolve client logistical issues during the rental and tend to the clients needs immediately. 

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