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Alias: "Clean Machine"

Mobile Dishwashing Trailer - '32

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14,000 DPR : Dishes Per Hour

Our 32’ Dishwashing trailer is an industrial scale asset capable of cleaning 10-14K dishes per hour featuring a new efficient and reliable Hobart FT 1000 Flight Type dish machine, which only utilizes a final rinse rate of 58 gal/hr. Nicknamed ‘Clean Machine,’ the trailer features a 100 gal hot water heater, stainless worktables and Ecolab chemical dispensers to ensure unencumbered production and optimal sanitation support for our industrial mobile kitchens.

Cooking / Production Equipment

2017 Hobart Flight Type Dish Machine, Full Size

Hobart - FT1000S+BASE

Hot Water Heater; 100 Gal.

3-compartment pot & pan sink

four 24" x 72" stainless work tables

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