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Permitting Assistance

Local food service, safety and sanitation regulations may play a role in your mission and operations, depending on deployment specifics including location, duration and purpose. RKSMS has experience working with State and municipal officials on permitting processes for the deployment of mobile equipment in varied environments, and can spearhead this process for clients, when required and desired. After determining the scope of work and project timeline, client needs and corresponding mobile assets, we can collaborate to determine relevant municipal official contacts for permitting, fee structure and prepare and present appropriate articles in pursuance of operational compliance and securing finalized permits. Additional administrative fees may apply, and activities may include pre-and post-visit inspections with Health Inspectors, Fire Marshals, or activities required by additional agencies and entities.

Site Design & Mapping

Deployment of mobile assets can often be enhanced and optimized for efficiency through the process of site design and mapping, especially to job sites with compact footprints, for longer-duration operations, at medical and related facilities, and where numerous assets may be deployed.Our team often works with experienced in-house designers to render site deployment alternatives for clients, and with operational experts to help address specific requirements that may necessitate the construction of temporary structures, ramps and entryways, awnings, or facilities for storage or operational support.  Our team also has the capability to deliver these mission-specific support requirements, whether you need large and small-profile structures, or frame tenting, a variety of sub-structures and flooring, support equipment, or other assets.

Propane & Diesel Services

Fuel for electrical generation or heating mobile culinary equipment and asset environments will typically require an ongoing service and resupply operation involving diesel, propane or both. RKSMS has experience furnishing, delivering, installing and maintaining power to equipment and essential facilities, even under emergency scenarios. Our staff can work to provide continuous or as-needed power generation and heating capability, as dictated by your operation or directed. We can support your operation by providing turnkey operation of generators, delivering the needed equipment, diesel fuel, labor, materials, tools, security, storage, maintenance and repair, and can even meet 24-hour on-call requirements where insured continuity of operations is needed.

Site Utility Requirements

Our team also has expertise addressing all site utility requirements and managing support services to ensure operations run smoothly. Where desired, we can also manage requirements for fresh water delivery and wastewater removal, handling all grey water and brown water pump-outs for mobile kitchens and hygiene facilities where utilization of municipal utilities is not permissible or possible. 


RK will also facilitate acquiring insurance coverage from the best providers based on our requirements.