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Our mobile kitchens, luxury restroom rentals, deluxe shower trailers and other rapidly deployable vehicle assets support a diverse range of applications, delivering unrivaled capability and an elevated experience to virtually any field environment.
Comprised of new and late model industrial-scale mobile solutions, our fleet supports a wide variety of commercial, industrial, event and emergency uses.

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Construction & Remodeling

Commercial kitchen remodeling or construction projects are a particular challenge when you have populations that must be fed on site. These disruptions necessitate on-location solutions to ensure continuity of operations, particularly healthcare, correctional, and educational industries. Patients, prisoners and students are highly immobile, and typically require special commercial kitchen solutions to bridge any type of remodeling, renovation or expansion construction project.

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  • Healthcare & Senior Living
    RK Mobile Kitchens provides assistance to hospitals, medical centers and assisted living communities seeking temporary commercial kitchen solutions to bridge any type of construction, expansion, or renovation. We help the population of patients, residents, medical staff and visitors in healthcare settings with essential on-site solutions for food and beverage continuity during transitional projects.
  • Educational
    Educational institutions usually try to time remodeling projects or the construction of new dining halls to minimize the disruption to student populations; however, that isn’t always a possibility or a complete solution. RK Mobile Kitchens also serves higher education and K-12 communities with commercial kitchen solutions supporting meal services when new dining halls are being built or existing ones are being improved.  We can field a variety of mobile kitchens and scale temporary structures to the need and project duration, as well as deploy a variety of hygiene assets like mobile dishwashers and restroom trailers too.

  • Correctional
    Prisoners and guards are a population with unique needs without the option to vacate during disaster recovery, renovation or construction projects. When a correctional kitchen is unable to operate for whatever reason, RK Mobile Kitchens can customize and deploy a variety of on-site interim solutions, ranging from mobile kitchens and dishwashers to temporary field kitchens and equipment rentals.

Emergency Response & Recovery

When disaster strikes, quick and effective aid delivery is crucial. Our fleet of modern mobile kitchen trailers, restroom and shower trailers, and other response and recovery assets provide expanded capability to feed and shelter emergency responders and displaced residents.

We have extensive experience in rapidly fielding and operating temporary facilities, food services, and basecamp support services to sustain communities in the aftermath of natural disasters and other civil disruptions.

Our vehicle fleet offers industrial-scale capability in any field environment and ensures food-service sanitation, while providing the utilities needed to quickly establish and maintain a basecamp supporting operations or billeting

Contact us today to learn more about how our turnkey solutions can support your disaster relief efforts.

Emergency Response Tent
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Sporting Event Hospitality

Our mobile kitchens and luxury restroom trailers also support premiere sporting and racing events around the United States, accommodating large quantities of guests, while our event and hospitality teams cater to the tastes, immersive environments and excitement that sports enthusiasts crave and deserve.

Our custom-designed industrial-scale mobile kitchens, VIP mobile restrooms and facility support assets are truly unrivaled. They deliver the capability to feed and accommodate a small army of sports enthusiasts every few hours!

If your sports event needs go beyond mobile event support, visit our partner company, RK Sports Hospitality.

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Remote Activations

Sometimes the perfect event is a destination, taking guests far off the beaten path. However, that doesn’t mean they have to rough it!  With a mobile kitchen, luxury restroom rentals and other deployable vehicles we’re able to provide for every event need and aspiration -- hot gourmet meals, cold beverages, clean bathrooms, climate control, charged devices, and even refreshing showers! Plan with confidence, knowing that there’s no such thing as “too far away.”
Our mobile kitchens can deliver the capabilities of an industrial venue kitchen virtually anywhere, and our numerous luxury relief stations are available in a variety of sizes and offer guests hands-free, low-odor facilities with amenities like quartz counters and modern LED lighting.

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Remote Weddings & Gala Events
Mobile Dishwasher in Venue Amplification

Venue & Business Amplification

We can compliment existing facility capabilities and amenities, or help venues like arenas, offices, commercial businesses, and recreational facilities address continuity of operations during maintenance and remodeling projects.

There’s no need to say “no” to a location due to a lack of appropriate facilities or food production capability ever again.
Our mobile solutions are independent and scalable.

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Project Engineering

Our turnkey solutions are designed to support temporary field solutions for Oil & Gas, mining, and infrastructure engineering projects. We work with you to create a customized solution that meets the unique needs of your project, ensuring that your team has everything they need to work comfortably and efficiently in the field.

Our offerings include field cafeterias, billeting, operational support structures, mobile shower and restroom trailers, electrical generators, HVAC, and much more.

Contact us today to learn more about how our turnkey solutions can support your project.

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Our Commercial tenting solutions are provided for by our sister company, National Structures, Events & Services. Click the link to find more information.

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RK Sports Hospitality Image

Food Service

High-volume commercial kitchen operators like catering companies, corporations, restaurants, and many others have the same problem with bridging remodeling and equipment maintenance projects without cash flow disruption, but sometimes also have to deal with health and sanitation disruptions like environmental contamination. When corporate campuses need to keep employee meal services going, or when culinary businesses need to keep their customers satisfied, we have a variety of mobile rentable solutions that can serve as substitutions to keep important, high-volume operations running smoothly.

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Our team regularly works with federal, state and municipal agencies when serving disaster applications, and can also aid all branches of the military to fuel soldiers and mission capability. We can support military readiness, maneuvers and training missions when soldiers are operating in field environments, or when base kitchens and mess halls close temporarily or need extra capacity.

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