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Mobile rental kitchens and Fleet

Mobile Kitchen Unit 57'

Our 57-foot mobile kitchen is an industrial scale asset capable of preparing and serving 10,000 meals every 3 hours, which has been custom-designed for the diverse needs of varied deployment missions. The kitchen trailer contains all the cooking and production, cold storage, food preparation and sanitation equipment on board to sustain an army division. Nicknamed ‘The Beast,’ it rapidly delivers full industrial kitchen capabilities virtually anywhere, supporting up to 20,000 response professionals and displaced people per day.

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Mobile Kitchen Trailer 53'

Our 53-foot mobile kitchen trailers are also industrial scale assets that have been custom designed for the diverse needs of varied deployment missions. Very similar to the 57’ kitchen, except with six ovens aboard instead of eight, it contains all the cooking and production, cold storage, food preparation and sanitation equipment on board to sustain large basecamps, commercial kitchen remodels, and large-scale events.

Mobile Kitchen 44’

Our 44-foot mobile kitchen trailer is a strategic mobile asset also containing industrial-scale equipment for food cooking production, preparation, and cold storage. Nicknamed ‘Baby Beast,’ the field kitchen vehicle’s production equipment includes numerous ovens, a 6-burner range, griddle, car-broiler, fryers, tilting skillet, and pan steamer onboard.

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Dishwashing Trailer 32'

Our 32-foot dishwashing trailer is capable of cleaning 10-14K dishes per hour and features a new efficient and reliable Hobart FT 1000 Flight Type dish machine, which only utilizes a final rinse rate of 58 gal/hr. Nicknamed ‘Clean Machine,’ the trailer features a 100 gal hot water heater, stainless worktables and Ecolab chemical dispensers to ensure unencumbered production and optimal sanitation support for our industrial mobile kitchens.

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Mobile Shower Trailer 28'

Our luxury shower trailer features 8-private suites each with a changing area, shower and private lock.  Powered by tank-less water heaters, the mobile shower has configuration flexibility for optimized male/female utilization to support varied field missions, and features non-wood seamless wall, floor and ceiling construction that optimizes cleanliness while minimizing mold and mildew. it features:

  • An On-Demand Water Heater: 90% Efficiency Rated, Tank-less Heaters
  • Stainless Sinks: Fit into solid-surface counters
  • 100% Led Light Package: Provides a bright, attractive environment and conserves energy
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ADA Restrooms & Shower

Our 19’ ADA Shower/Restroom Combo +1 Trailer combines a wheelchair accessible restroom and shower combo unit with one standard private unisex restroom. It delivers a private and safe environment with abundant space for maneuverability and all the accessibility features individuals with special needs require, as well as AC/Heat, heated running water, advanced flushing toilets, and luxurious interiors and amenities. The ADA unit’s gently sloping ramp and spacious platform provides ample room for easy navigation to enter and exit. With intelligent and durable construction, quick and simple set-up, comfortable, climate-controlled interiors, luxury amenities, tankless water heaters, and advanced flushing toilets, this is really the only way to go for holistic mobile ADA-compliant facilities in any environment!

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Laundry Trailer

Our 28’ Mobile Laundry Trailer supports multi-day events and basecamp operations with on-site fluff and fold laundry services, utilizing nine separate onboard washers and dryers.  Supported by multiple tankless water heaters, the trailer’s equipment delivers advanced wash cycle and temperature control options, and numerous dry options, alongside a laundry sink and on-board drying racks to facilitate laundry services rapidly and professionally, virtually anywhere.

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Mobile Restroom Trailers,14', 20' & 25'

Our luxury restroom trailers provide a rich warm environment that offers responders and evacuees a few basic home comforts in the field environment. All deluxe mobile restrooms feature quartz counters, custom wall treatments and vessel sinks for users, while employing manufacturing and materials designed to maintain high hygiene standards and lower maintenance requirements for operators. The 14-foot restroom trailer features four stations and two sinks; the 20-foot features eight stations; while our larger 25-foot restroom features ten stations and four sinks; each can be configured to provide separate facilities and sinks for men and women.

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Vacuum Truck

Our professionals deliver your portable restroom trailer(s), pickup when your event is over, and can help ensure cleanliness of your restroom rental throughout longer deployments. Our vacuum truck, or fresh water/grey water combo septic service vehicle, features a twin-compartment lightweight aluminum tank that allows for both fresh and wastewater to be stored during operations, enhancing efficiency and convenience. The vehicle allows our team to quick service multiple restrooms and shower trailers, and features a large 2,150 gallon tank, with separate compartments holding 550 gallons of fresh water and 1,600 gallons of wastewater. Our rental fleet also includes ADA-compliant, handicap-accessible restroom and shower trailers to serve guests with special needs. These facilities are ideal for a range of event, industrial, commercial or emergency response needs, as well as anywhere wheelchair accessibility is legally required or operationally desired.

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