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THE pump truck

The vehicle’s twin-compartment lite weight aluminum tank allows for both fresh and wastewater to be stored during operation, enhancing efficiency and convenience. Internal baffles help keep the fluids from sloshing around, making it easier for drivers to maneuver and stop quickly. Each truck comes with a 1/8” aluminum work area and cabinets that maintain a clean, polished appearance at all times.


Vehicle Specifications
  • Chassis: 2019 Hino 268A/Hino J083-WU
  • Engine: Turbo charged engine @230 Hp
  • Front Axle: 10,000#
  • Rear Axle: 19,000# (on air Ride)
Tank Specifications
  • Aluminum Tank Size: 2,150 gal (8,139 L)
  • Grey/ Waste Water Compartment: 1,600 gal (6,056 L)
  • Fresh Water Compartment: 550 gal (2,082 L)
Front Fresh Compartment
  • Volume: 550 gallons
  • Shell: 1/4”, with one 1/4” X 66” head,two wing baffles
Rear Waste Compartment
  • Volume: 1,600 gallons
  • Shell: 1/4” ASTM 5454
  • Heads: (2) 1/4” X 66” diameter, (1) 1/4” crossbaffles; & (2) wing baffles; (1) 19” quickopening manway in center of waste.
  • Tank rests on chassis frame on captive 2” x 3” plastic lumber strips. Front consists of spring-loaded mounts with 5/8” Grade 8 bolts and lock nuts. Center mount H-style mounting bracket.Rear mounts consist of 3/8” and 1/4” brackets. Brackets are bolted with 5/8” diameter Grade 8 plated bolts, to frame and to tank with 5/8” bolts.
Vacuum Motor
  • HXL75V: pump on right angle bracket with right angle gearbox
Fitting Sizes
  • Fresh outlet: 2” MPT Fresh inlet: 4” FPT
  • Waste outlet: 4” MPT Waste inlet: 3” MPT
  • Vacuum line: Depends on pump Fresh indicator: 1” sight tube
  • Provides dual side service with (2) 30’ service hoses and wands, hose hangers, and part C coupler on both ends.
  • Dual Size Cox Reel 50’ hose, nozzle
Pressure Wash System
  • Electric driven medium pressure wash: garden hose pressure wash system with Burks DC-10Pump, 35’ hose, spray nozzle, and hose hanger.
Dump Locations
  • Waste: 4” full port dump located just behind rear wheel on driver’s side.
  • Fresh: 2” dump located just behind cab on left side.
Work/ Storage Cabinets
  • Dimensions: 18”D x 30”H x 30”L
Vacuum Levels
  • Performance on 1600 compartment
  • HXL-75 1200 RPM
  • Rating (CFM) 230
  • 12” HG 28 seconds
  • 18” HG 78 seconds
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