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Mobile kitchens Units and Support Assets are available for rentals.
We rent mobile kitchen units, luxury restroom units, mobile showers, mobile generators & more!
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Flexible and Efficient: The Benefits of Mobile Commercial Kitchens. We specialize in mobile kitchen trailer rentals and offer a wide range of mobile units to support your event or emergency response and recovery operations. Our fleet includes clean, modern mobile showers, luxury restrooms, industrial-scale dishwashing trailers, mobile field power generators, and other rental equipment. With our mobile assets, we can quickly deliver unique capabilities and comforts to field environments, making your activation a success anywhere.

We are also California compliant, with HCD-certified solutions ready to roll.
Our service team is also second-to-none. We’ll help match the right equipment to your needs and objectives, coordinate their mobilization, and can even help your team hurdle any regulatory requirements like permits, design an efficient and effective site plan, or address any culinary staffing requirements.

Mobile Kitchen - 57'

RK Mobile Kitchen

Mobile Kitchen - 44'

RK Mobile Kitchen

Mobile Kitchen Trailer - 44'

RK Mobile Kitchen

Ansul Skid System

RK Mobile Kitchen

Mobile Kitchen - 53'

RK Mobile Kitchen


40' PAC Kitchen Container

Mobile Slideout Kitchen - 48'

40' PAC Kitchen Container

Mobile Command Center - 40'

40' PAC Kitchen Container

Dishwashing Trailers

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32' & 20'
RK Mobile Dishwashing Trailer

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28' & 20'

Mobile Shower Trailers

RK Mobile Shower Trailer

Mobile Restrooms

RK Mobile Restroom Trailer

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3, 4, 8, & 10 Stall Trailers

Mobile Laundry -28'

RK Mobile Power Generator

Mobile Power Generators

RK Mobile Power Generator

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30kW, 70kW, 80kW, 180kW, 300kW

Vacuum Truck

RK Mobile Power Generator

Recreational Vehicle (RV)

RK Mobile Power Generator

Customized Services

RK Customized Services
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Mobile Kitchens

Our mobile kitchen rentals provide professional-grade cooking solutions that can be set up anywhere. Our 57' and 44' kitchen trailers come equipped with everything needed to prepare meals for large groups, making them ideal for basecamp support, commercial renovations, and large events. We can also offer experienced culinary professionals to operate the kitchens, ensuring your teams is well-fed and energized. In addition to our mobile kitchens, we also provide a custom-built dishwashing trailer that ensures sanitary operations and allows for long-duration support in remote locations. Our mobile kitchens and dishwashing trailers offer a seamless solution for basecamp support, commercial renovations, and large events, allowing your team to focus on the task at hand. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile kitchen solutions and how we can help support your commercial project.

Big mobile kitchen
Field Kitchens

We also have a large inventory of in house food service equipment, extensive experience, and are able to design a custom field food service operation based on the unique needs of each event and location. Whether it is our Mobile Kitchens with full industrial kitchen capabilities and cold storage onboard, a smaller and more tailored trailer for a specific need, or a super high volume Temporary Kitchen Structure complete with mobile gas, H&C water, and power, we can tailor and deliver whatever is required and desired for the event or culinary mission.  We can also provide mobile culinary equipment such as large decks of convection ovens, hot food holding cabinets, 40-gallon skillets, fryers, stoves, food holding, and mobile refrigeration, and much more. We can even rapidly field furnished temporary dining facilities to feed guests, built to accommodate virtually any mission duration or headcount.

Kitchen container

We are a leading provider of luxury portable restrooms for turnkey activations, offering a full array of other basecamp support assets for emergency response events. We realize you have choices when it comes to restroom trailer rental, so we offer unrivaled quality, numerous portable restroom configurations, and newly built solutions appropriate for every need.

We have the right restroom trailer for turnkey activations, including ADA, whether  a mobile executive bathroom during a week-long corporate renovation, or a months long solution for emergency recovery. Here are some of the most common applications for our mobile restrooms, sometimes referred to as honey wagons or luxury loos:

ADA mobile container

Our professionals deliver your portable restroom trailer(s), pickup when your event is over, and can help ensure cleanliness of your restroom rental throughout longer deployments. Our rental fleet also includes multiple ADA-compliant, handicap-accessible restroom and shower trailers to serve guests with special needs. These facilities are ideal for a range of event, industrial, commercial or emergency response needs, as well as anywhere wheelchair accessibility is legally required or operationally desired.


Portable shower trailers aid disaster recovery, and are also great for festival events, during remodeling, at remote worksites or to bring the comforts of home to temporary venues. Our luxury mobile shower trailer features eight separate, lockable changing areas and showers, and two sinks within its spacious and well appointed interior.  Rent mobile showers for long durations, and rest assured our professionals can operate and maintain the units for as long as you require them.

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