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We can also field trailer-installed water and ice production systems than can use virtually ANY on-site water supply and power to produce an extremely high quality potable water supply in remote locations. The mobile system reduces or eliminates the need for potable, drinking water or ice deliveries and their supporting logistics.

The self-contained system has all processing and controls built into the twin 20 ft. processing and wastewater trailers, and features a single electrical connection and single source water connection.

  • Generates up to 6000 GPD potable water using the available on site water source
  • Processes on-site water well source, or non potable delivered water (20 gpm @ 30 psi)
  • 500 lbs clean ice produced per day w/ convenient walk-up ice and drinking water fill stations
  • Delivered water meets all US EPA safe drinking water standards (TDS and iron levels to 2 ppm)
  • Provides direct pressurized supply to site facilities and living quarters; includes all connections
  • Fully automatic w/ simple start-up; remote control and monitoring capability
  • Safety shower/eyewash center built in
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